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Dr. Chris M. Halvorson, Ph.D. started teaching students an expanded viewpoint of their horizons—in terms of our origin, history, and destiny—in February 2005 in Boulder, Colorado, calling it the “New Horizons Study Group”.  Our horizon is doing more than merely progressing—it’s perfecting.  First, lift up your eyes and recognize the horizon.  Then, recognize the truth that is flowing through the facts.  First you will recognize the fact of the fatherhood of God; then you will recognize the truth of sonship with God.  In addition to teaching classes, Dr. Halvorson has led public discussion groups, been the keynote speaker at seminars, and given many online presentations.


Now, Perfecting Horizons Institute (the educational outreach of Perfecting Horizons, Inc.) serves inquisitive-minded people from all over the world, challenging them to discover fresh big-picture insights and new ways of thinking for themselves, encouraging them to draw a personal living philosophy out of an expanding relationship with true science and true religion, and to apply it to everything they do.


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